First Idea Consulting

Our Services

  • Financial Management
  • Grants Management
  • Capacity Asessment
  • Capacity Building
  • Internal Audit
  • Compliance reviews in public procurement
  • Human Resource Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Training Services

First Idea Consulting provides outsourced services in financial management services including: set up of finance functions within organisation, book- keeping services, and documentation of policy documents, preparation of financial reports, training and development amongst others.

First Idea documents grants management policy manuals and undertakes trainings on grants management. First Idea Consulting manages funds on behalf of development partners. The services include establishing banking arrangements, receiving funds for the various development initiatives, disbursing funds to identified implementing partners, making payments to or on behalf of development partners or implementers on various development initiatives, reporting on funding requirements and utilization of funds, procurement of goods, services or works for and on behalf of implementing partners including Civil Society Organizations, Development Partners or Government of Kenya.

First Idea Consulting uses various tools to assess the capacity of its client organizations as well as those of its implementing partners and grantees. First Idea Consulting also identifies capacity building needs and provides technical support to seal the capacity gaps identified

First Idea Consulting provides capacity development services in various areas including financial management, grants management, procurement, project cycle management, and human development services amongst others.

First Idea Consulting provides outsourced services including the following the following: setting up internal audit functions for various client organisations, documentation of rules and procedures in internal audit, periodic internal audit review services.

First Idea consulting undertakes compliance reviews of public entities based on the Public Procurement Act and Regulations.

First Idea Consulting provides the following outsourced services: recruitment of staff, contracting of staff members, documentation of policy in human resource management, advisory support to organisation in human resources, outsourced human resource services based on clients’ needs

FirstIdea Consulting Limited provides risk management consulting services including risk assessments, preparation of risk registers, preparation of risk strategies and risk frameworks.

FirstIdea Consulting Limited provides tailor made training services in governance, finance, procurement, risk management, human resource management, business planning amongst others.