First Idea Consulting

Our Services

  • Advisory
  • Training
  • Research

1. Internal Audit Services

First Idea Consulting provides outsourced services including the following the following: setting up internal audit functions for various client organisations, documentation of rules and procedures in internal audit, periodic internal audit review services.

2. Due Diligence or Capacity Assessment

First Idea Consulting uses various tools to assess the capacity of its client organizations as well as those of its implementing partners and grantees. First Idea Consulting also identifies capacity building needs and provides technical support to seal the capacity gaps identified.

3. Risk Management Advisory

FirstIdea Consulting Limited provides risk management consulting services including risk assessments, preparation of risk registers, preparation of risk strategies and risk frameworks.

4. Development of Policies and Procedures

FirstIdea Consulting Limited provides services in developing policies and procedures for organisations including but not limited to: financial management, human resources, procurement, risk management, governance, granting, grants management among-st others.

5. Financial Management Advisory Services

FirstIdea Consulting Limited provides financial Advisory services including:
- Accounting services : we provide accounting services for our clients based on their requirements; this includes ensuring they are compliant to statutory deductions and relevant taxes.
-Payroll Services we provide payroll processing services including preparation of payroll, payslips and bank advice slips.
- Financial Analysis - we provide financial analysis based on current performance and future projections.
- Board Financial Advisory Services - we provide periodic board financial advisory services based on actual business analysis provided and guide the board on decision making using actual business analysis.

1. Training for Public Sector

N001 - Governance for NGOs
This course targets Board Members and Chief Executive Officers to equip them with relevant skills to enable them become more effective leaders in their respective organisations as well enable them use their experience to create value.
N002 - Accounting for NGO Senior Executives
This course targets senior executives including the Senior Management Team (SMT) and the Chief Executive Officers. These individuals deal with financial information and reports and are accountable for their reliability and accuracy. This course will assist these individuals understand and become vigilant in delivery of their tasks. N003 - Finance for NGO Program and Finance Staff
This course targets Program and Finance staff members reporting to department heads or members of the Senior Management Team (SMT). This training provides the participants with an appreciation of the different perspectives of accounting and finance in programming and how the two relate.
N004 - Effective Sub-Grantee management and reporting This course is for Grants and Compliance Officers. These individuals work with grantee organisations and are required to ensure compliance of rules and regulations; this can be a challenging task. This course will equip the participants to monitor grantee, review activities and report their findings efficiently and effectively.

2. Business Growth Program

This is a twelve (12) week program designed for Business Owners who have been in business for at least 2 years. This program is designed to address the business challenges the business owner is experiencing understanding whether the business products are making money; which are the most profitable products; whether to take more debt and when and if to take equity how much of it is ideal.
- The Business owner will invest in a reasonably priced Accounting System or use our own system.
- Invest in a stock management system for those in businesses dealing in stock (as an asset).
- The Business owner shall invest time to do all assignments and present them in the next class.
- The Business owner will seek help whenever this help is available.
- The Business owner should be teachable.

Benefits for the Business Owner
- You will make informed business decisions.
- You will be able to grow products or services that are more profitable.
- You will be able to manage your cost centres.
- You will be able to make informed decisions when borrowing.
- You will be able to make informed decisions on costing and budgeting.

3. Tailor made training programs

1. Business Research Based on client ToR

We conduct research based on terms of reference provided by our clients. We ensure that we have a clearly documented scope from which we research and are able to provide findings and recommendations for the same.

2. Business Research based on Topic

We research on a specific business area and publish quarterly publications.