Human Resource onboarding, technical capacity development and training of teams. Training for managers, leadership development and expert executive capacity enhancement.

First Idea Consulting provides capacity development services in various areas including financial management, grants management, procurement, project cycle management, and human development services.

  • Management Coaching
  • Team building
  • Internal Executive Training
  • Technical Capacity Building
  • Staff Orientation
  • Grantee Capacity Development

Training has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance.

Human Resource Training

Team building, orientation, group dynamics and appraisals. This includes employee assessment, 360 degree appraisal and personal best fit for the job evaluation.

Our HR training results in the staff recognizing their strategic positions and embracing their personal input into the success of the organization.

Our work has been commended and continually used by European Union, USAID, Strathmore University and Kenya’s Public Procurement Oversight Authority.

Management Capacity Development

On identifying gaps within the management capacity, the best solution to fill those gaps is Training. This keeps certain skills within the organization and is a great motivation booster.

Grantee capacity development – involves upgrading to meet specific donor requirements; financial capacity and reporting requirements. First Idea Consultants are very experienced in dealing with European Union, USAID, DFID and a number of foreign missions to Kenya.

Partner Capacity Harmonization – involves training of partners and employees in financial management, professional documentation, project processes and reporting.

Specialised Training

Dedicated training in documentation and reporting – critical in project management for grantees and partners. Topics of interest include field data capture, relevant information analytics, results oriented monitoring and donor specific reporting.

Skills supplementation training in finance and accounting – for managers already successful in their line of work, simple accounts training greatly compliments their service delivery. It also increases efficiency and increases the momentum of growth without immense investment in finance departments. Topics include; Process performance appraisal, ethical obligations, audits and reporting, annual returns, documentation and development.